Hi! My Name is Edgar (Eddy) De Leon, I am a photographer, graphic artist, art connoisseur and over all problem solver.

I earned my B.A from the University of San Diego with a double emphasis in Photography and Visual Communications in 2013, I am currently the creative director of an art studio based out of Marin County.

I specialize in extraverted works centered around millennial themes. I have created and sourced art nationally, including: New York, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Beverly Hills and some international pieces to be installed at the Fairmont Empress in Canada.

My personal works are conceptual photographs centered around autobiographical themes of identity and duality including gentrification, immigration, sexuality and travel. 

My long term goal is to have a network of galleries that celebrate contemporary art. I am passionate about finding the most suitable art for a client or space—either sourcing the art or creating it myself.